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Newsletter Alert Services

Autotrading Newsletters Alerts

Execute Stock, Option, ETF trades automatically based on your Newsletter’s trade alerts.

AutoShares AutoTrade service enables you to perform automatic trading of newsletter alerts in your account, based on the recommendations of the investment newsletter publishers you select. AutoShares accepts trading instructions directly from the investment newsletter(s) you specify and the trade instructions are automatically entered for trade execution according to the parameters that you determine on your account.

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You don't have to sit in front of your computer waiting for the newsletter's recommendations. Let AutoShares do this for you. We'll execute the newsletter alerts and trade recommendations you subscribe to, while you're making the most of everything else in your life.  Click Here to view an example AutoTrade Notification.

There is no extra charge for this service. Standard brokerage charges apply.

Click here to read the following SEC release concerning the risks of AutoTrading

Advantages of AutoTrading with AutoShares:

  • Your newsletter trade alerts are sent directly to Autoshares (with a copy to you).
  • You choose the maximum amount per trade based on: Dollar Amount ($), Number of Contracts, or Percentage of Account Value (%)
  • You retain control of your account. Change your trade parameters, or start or stop your service at any time.
  • You pay no additional fees to Autoshares to AutoTrade. Your Newsletter, however, may charge a subscription fee.

We encourage you to consider carefully whether AutoTrading is compatible with your investment strategy before you establish an Autotrade account or engage a Newsletter. You should review the investment philosophy and track record of any prospective Newsletter to determine if it fits your trading goals and risk tolerance. You should also carefully review past performance of the Newsletter’s publisher. While past performance is no guarantee of future result, a Newsletter’s documented past performance may help you to get a sense of the potential for success or failure in implementing its strategies.

AutoShares will not review or otherwise evaluate the reasonableness of the transactions entered or the investment strategies implemented for your account by your Newsletter. AutoShares acts solely as an order-taker for your Autotrade account. It is your responsibility to monitor each transaction effected by a Newsletter for your account and to decide if those transactions are appropriate for you. We strongly encourage you to closely review each trade confirmation and account statement you receive to ensure that you are comfortable with the activity in your account.

AUTOSHARES DOES NOT RECOMMEND, TRACK THE PERFORMANCE OF, OR RECEIVE COMPENSATION FROM ANY AUTOTRADED SERVICE OR NEWSLETTER PUBLISHER. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before investing in options. Options trading privileges are subject to AutoShares review and approval. Not all account applicants will qualify. Execution price, speed and liquidity are affected by many factors, including system performance, market volatility, size and type of order and available market centers.

AutoTrading FAQs

Q: What is AutoTrading?
A: AutoTrading is an arrangement where your stock or option broker implements investment recommendations published by your Newsletter. Your trades are executed when AutoShares receives your Newsletter’s trade alerts. Under the AutoTrade program, you give AutoShares the authority to enter and exit only those trade alerts received from your Newsletter. This enhances your ability to execute trade alerts efficiently, even if you are unable to keep in touch with current market conditions.

Q: How do I sign up for AutoTrading?

  • Subscribe to a participating Newsletter service
  • Open an account with AutoShares
  • Complete and submit AutoShares AutoTrading Agreement
  • Deposit Funds to your account

Q: What is the minimum equity commitment required to start AutoTrading?
A: AutoShares requires a minimum account size of $2,000 to AutoTrade.

Q: Are there special risks associated with AutoTrading?
A: While there are risks associated with all investments and investment programs, there are special risks associated with AutoTrading. You should both be familiar with those risks and willing to accept them before you direct us to accept trading instructions from a Newsletter publisher. For example, AutoTrading frequently involves short-term trading of stocks and options that is based on short-term fluctuations in the overall market, particular industries, or particular issuers. There can be no assurances that such trading will be profitable. And because you will be charged a commission on each transaction effected for your account, the costs associated with frequent short-term trading can become significant. Similarly, there are risks associated with engaging in AutoTrading using margin. You should not engage in AutoTrading unless you are willing to accept the inherent risks, which may include the loss of all the funds you have invested.

Q: Does Autoshares recommend or work with any Newsletter Publisher?
A: No. Autoshares does not recommend one service over another. In addition, Autoshares does not advise, consult or assist any Newsletter with respect to the content, recommendations or strategies contained in any trade alert. Autoshares receives no compensation from any Newsletter to participate in AutoTrading programs and Autoshares does not share commissions with or pay referral fees to any Newsletter relating to customer accounts established or transactions effected under our AutoTrading program. AutoShares recomends you read the following SEC release concerning the risks of AutoTrading.

Q: Does Autoshares track the performance of any Newsletter? 
A: No. The Newsletter publishers are independent third parties separate and apart from Autoshares. You should contact the Newsletter service directly for questions regarding historical performance. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Q: Am I able to customize how certain Newsletter trade alerts are handled?
A: Yes. Call us at (800) 847-8495 or email us for further information.

Q: What assurance do I have that will promptly execute my Newsletter trade alerts?
A: The AutoTrading service is offered to you on a “best efforts” not-held basis. We do our utmost to execute orders based on the recommendations of your Newsletter service as quickly and efficiently as possible. While we have redundant back-up systems to ensure timely handling of orders, you are subject to risk from errors of electronic systems, communications, markets and timing. In addition, other factors such as insufficient buying power in your account, subscription lapses, or missing selections on the sign-up page, may cause you to miss trades.

Q: Can I use my trading platform to view the status of my AutoTrading account?
A: Yes. You can use both your trading platform and the AutoShares Client Connection to view all orders, balances and positions within your AutoTrading account.

Q: Do I have choices as to how much I can allocate per AutoTrade? 
A: Yes. You may choose to allocate a certain dollar amount, a specific number of shares, or a percentage of your total account value for all AutoTrading trades.

Q: What if I want to exit a position before my Newsletter closes it out?
A: If you ever want to exit a position in your AutoTrading account before your Newsletter closes it out, you must contact AutoShares at 1-800-847-8495.

Q: What happens if my account does not have sufficient funds to participate in a recommended trade?
A: If your account does not have sufficient funds to cover the amount specified in your AutoTrade agreement, we will place the trade up to the extent of available funds. For example, if you select an allocation of $5,000 per trade and your account has $700 in available funds when we receive the trade alert, we will place the trade for up to $700 in your account.

Q: Can I direct my own trades in an AutoTrade account?
A: Yes, you may place self directed trades in a second LINKED AutoShares Brokerage Account from the account your AutoTrading service take place in.

Q: Can I receive trade alerts from more than one Newsletter in my Autotrade account?
A: Yes, Autoshares will accept trading instructions from multiple Newsletters in the same account.

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