How to Import Apex Clearing Consolidated 1099s

You Can Import Apex Clearing Consolidated 1099s

You can import all of your trade data into third-party software.


H&R Block:


Steps to take:

Go to website, click sign in and Create an Account

When prompted, choose Apex Clearing Corporation as Financial Institution

UserID: AutoShares/ Apex Clearing Account # 

Password:  Tax ID Number associated with account (Social Security or EIN)


Importing the data is easy – all you need to do is follow Inuit’s on-screen instructions. We have included a brief overview of this process below, so you can be more familiar with these steps.

1. After starting a New Tax Return from the File menu, select Import, then From Financial Institution

2. On the next screen enter “Apex” into the field titled “I’m looking for” and then select “Apex Clearing Corporation”. Click Continue.

3. Next the client will be asked to login. If your client already has a login for Apex Online, then they will use those same credentials to import your data into TurboTax. If your customer does not utilize Apex online, then they will need to follow these steps:
    In the Apex User ID field:   enter  AutoShares/Apex Account Number.
In the Apex Password field:   enter the tax ID number that is associated with the account. For most clients this will be their social security number; however, if the client’s account is an entity account, then it may be a tax identification number.  Click Continue.

Once logged in, they will be presented with a screen identifying what forms and information is available for import.




Login to your Apex account


Go to Apexonline Menu

Select Apex Accounts Then Account Summary

To right of your Account Summary Page, Click Documents Then Quicken Export


Go To Apex Online Menu

Select Reports then Data Retrieval