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Automatic Investing Services


Automatic investing is a way to set up a routine investing schedule for your investment accounts. Once set up, the plan will automatically invest your asset into the investments you select to help you reach your investment account funding and planning goals.  

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Autotrade Newsletter Alert Services

Execute stock, option, or mutual fund trades based on your Newsletter’s trade alerts.
"Click Here to Read the "SEC release concerning the risks of AutoTrading"  

AutoTrading allows you to implement trades recommended by the investment Newsletter of your choice by authorizing AutoShares to accept their trading instructions. Trade alerts received by AutoShares are automatically executed for your account according to your pre-set parameters. There is no extra charge for this service. Standard brokerage charges apply. 

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Automated Trading with Cooltrade

AutoShares offers Automated Trading using Scan and Trade Software Platforms. The platforms can Scan the U.S. Equity market in real time and automate trades from the trade screens. Whether it's a moving average cross, break-out, volume spike or a new 52-week high, the scanning software delivers. Filter and scan real time stock movement by news events like; rumors, upgrades, earnings, takeovers or FDA approvals and position your automated trading program to automate your trades. 

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